18 comments on “Jerks Count On The Law To Protect Them

  1. Oh how I wish I could have punched the idiot who fish-tailed the corner behind us today, then drove within a coat of paint next to us and flipped us the bird (had elderly parentals in the car mind you) then ducked and weaved throughout the traffic…. I was satisfied without a punch – I rang the police on the dob in a hoon number 🙂

    • I could completely identify with you on this post until you got to the “on the dob in a hoon number” part. What is that? Aussie talk?

      • Oh dear – let me explain. We have a thing call dob in a hoon. You know what dob means (to tell on someone) Hoon is well a hoon…a ratbag, a trouble maker.
        If we see anyone erratically driving or causing mischief on our roads we can ring the police and report them. They send send a car out in the hope of catching them in the act of said hooning. If not they contact them and advise that they have been reported. I don’t know if they get a fine or just a lecture though.

      • I think your laws are a lot stricter than ours. You do an eye for an eye. For instance we say “pfft you killed someone, that’s 5 years jail”. They are out walking the streets in 2 for ‘good behaviour’. We are way to lenient with our laws and that is why the hoons get away with whatever they want. Oops getting too D & M…but juz sayin’

      • We all have hoons. Perhaps ours are just more clever because they know they’ll have to pay a stiffer price if they get caught. But that doesn’t change the fact that it should be legal worldwide to punch a hoon in the nose.

      • This is true, though this bastard was too quick to catch, otherwise I would have. I mean the nerve of him ..it was Mother’s Day for goodness sake, who hoons on Mother’s Day!??

      • She’s a smart and sassy 80-year-old, though her hips and balance are slowing her down a bit. I think she can still beat me.

      • aww bless, my Pop is almost 86 he’s not walking well at all, mum is 85 and showing signs of dementia…not a good time watching them grow old. I hope she has a beautiful day.

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