Technically, quo means “to which/what place” or “that” in latin. For the purposes of this site, quo is simply “that” entity within us all “which” can be attributed to creating comments or thoughts that explode from us without the fear of consequence, those accidental explosions that might be interpreted as expressions of genius or utter foolishness.  Thus, quo can elicit reflection for its insight as easily and as often as ridicule for its idiocy.

Fundamentally, quo is an experiment of thought (though not thinking), an expression of art (though not talent), and a method of therapy (though maybe not healing) .

I’ve found that too much thought inhibits quo, so it is more an exercise of the first thing that comes to the mind. There is a certain freedom in just letting your mind write a cartoon at its own pace.  This is the freedom of quo.

You can also follow me on twitter @landofquo or facebook under “land of quo”.

Look forward to at least one new post to this blog each week day and…

welcome to the land of quo.

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41 comments on “About

    • You just nominated me because I tried to marry you. But I’ll take it and thank you sincerely. Now if I can just figure out those rules…;)

    • Thanks for the Liebster Award nomination. Any help to introduce people to land of quo is appreciated. Now I just have to figure out how to create links to other sites and I’ll be good to go. Any advice in that regard is appreciated. Keep smilin’. Quo.

      • Oh I dont envy you. Have nearly cracked up over last few days.
        I just wrote the name of the blog I was nominating. Then in a new tab, I went to their site and right clicked the tab.
        Then back to the draft.
        Highlight the name of the blog.
        Go to the top of page and click the link chain.
        paste the address you copied off the site.
        Ha Ha enjoy. I spent forever doing this post. I’ll keep looking for your post!!!

      • Oh, I’ll do it. Send me a bottle of Greenspot and we’ll call it even. I’m jesting, by the way (about acting mad — not about the Greenspot).

    • Glad to hear that. I know my blog isn’t for every one. It may be an acquired taste. I’m writing for the kindred spirits out there that aren’t afraid to tilt the world a bit. Hope you enjoy the ride and thanks again.

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