18 comments on “Even Doc Was An Idiot

  1. Pissy, Snarky, Nasty, Slutty, Clappy and Skanky. And their lady mascot, Lulu White.
    If Disney won’t make a feature about that group, then I will.

    Pissy: Dammit, the cupboard is bare again. Why ain’t there never any food around here?
    Snarky: We don’t have any food, but y’all can bet Lulu’s eatin’ pretty well, if you know what I mean.
    Slutty: I can get us some money … let me! let me!
    Nasty: Hey Ho! Hey ho! It’s off to work you go!
    Skanky: I’ll go! I’ll go!
    Clappy: Don’t EVEN ask ME.
    Pissy: Nobody’s askin’ ya to do nothin’, dumbass!
    Nasty: Lulu…. earth to Lulu! HEY HO!
    Lulu: [unintelligible grumble] [obscene usage of digitus medius]

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