20 comments on “Sex Sells

      • Good question. Makes me think of the Indigo Girls song, Galileo: “How long till my soul gets it right? Can any human being ever reach that kind of light?”

        But that’s a bit too deep for 8 AM. I haven’t finished my #$!! coffee yet.

        And you’re probably thinking, “INDIGO Girls? REALLY??!??” Sorry ’bout that.

      • I loved the Indigo Girls, but I never would have admitted it in public.

        And we will all get it right…eventually.

      • A guilty pleasure, like the Village People, right? 😉
        Glad YOU’LL get it right … I think I’m going to keep flubbing it over and over and over ….. sigh ….

      • You can’t flub it over and over again without end. That’s not how it works. The universe is ultimately fair, regardless of how long it takes.

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